Digital infrastructure for private capital markets

Automated investment execution, enhanced investor distribution & accessibility, and new paths to liquidity for alternative assets

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Fully automated investment execution, compliance, and lifecycle asset management


Syndicate primary offerings & secondary transactions across a network of distribution channels

Modernizing the world's largest financial markets

With $2.3T of new capital invested annually, private markets vastly eclipse their public counterparts. But unlike a public stock market, there is no central marketplace, order management system, or digital infrastructure to help deal makers, issuers, and investors connect and transact.

We're changing that.

Taro enables broker-dealers and alternative asset managers to compliantly digitize capital formation and lifecycle asset management while enabling completely new paths to liquidity for investors in private markets

Private vs public market returns ('01-'22)
Eligible investors with exposure to alternatives

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Manage private placements, track progress, automate settlement & clearing, and increase deal flow by syndicating with a network of distribution channels

–all on fully automated compliance & transaction execution platform

Simple access to a world of private investment opportunities & alternative assets with multiple paths to potential liquidity – on a single platform


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